15 dic. 2012

Xmas lights

'Tis the season to be jolly and it's time to start writing our letters to Santa! I'm sure I've mentioned before I LOVE LOVE LOVE XMAS! Everything about it is awesome. The colors, the spirit, the lights, the trees, the songs...eeeverything!!

I love spending hours thinking of what to buy my sisters and parents to surprise them. I love sitting by the chimney with hot chocolate and little marshmallows. And I absolutely love the Xmas decorations, music and lights. Seeing the cities light up and the buildings playing Xmas songs...I can't help it but to smile. 

Merry Christmas!

♥The moment I see that first string of Christmas lights plugged in I am suddenly five years old again watching my Daddy set up the Christmas tree <3

Xmas in madrid!