15 jun. 2012

my summer playlist

New season, new playlist and new CD for the car. This is my playlist of the summer. A mix of different styles and very different artist. It is awesome!! I hope you enjoy it as much as me! 
Cults - Bumper

Usher - Scream

Pitbull - Back in time (from Men in Black III)

Fun. - We are young

Flo Rida - Good Feeling

OneRepublic - Good Life

Nicki Minaj - Starships

Neon Trees - Everybody talks

And let's not forget: 
David Bisbal ft. Cali el Dandee - No hay 2 sin 3 (gol)

13 jun. 2012

is less more?

Brands are like people. They go through phases. We change our hair color, they change their flavors. We change our style and they change their packaging. Some play with the colors of the brand and product, but others go minimalist. I love the minimalist view of the product. Just think of Apple: there is no color, no lettering ... just an apple with a bite and voila! a complete success! It doesn't need more than that. Minimalist packaging is simple, clean and straight to the point. What about you, which one do you prefer?

10 jun. 2012

Disney princesses cross paths

What would happen if the Disney princesses we all know crossed paths? Amy Mebberson a comic artist has created a series of drawing called "Pocket Princesses" where she shows us what would happen if our favorite princesses where to meet each other. Some of her other work is franchise comics like The Muppets for Boom Entertainment, Doctor Who for IDW and Strawberry Shortcake for APE Entertainment. Check it out!

To see more from the comic artist go to http://amymebberson.tumblr.com/

1 jun. 2012


Check out this street art by Mademoiselle Maurice, a french artist who dedicates her life to colorful creations. She uses many types of materials like paper, photography, lace, painting and she mixes colors in a simple yet very deep way. Her museum? the street, the open air museum, for the masses to see and explore. 
Her last piece of art is the video I'm showing you below. She covered the streets of Paris with origami of different colors and sizes to create beautiful shapes. Enjoy!