3 ago. 2012

When fate finds you

Yesterday was one of those different days. Like any other day, I woke up and had breakfast. Then, unlike every other day, I prepared my luggage. Cute dresses, beautiful bikinis, interesting books, great music and my precious sunscreen (we can never forget that)...everything I need for my 20 days of beach, relax, party and freedom.

On the train, I met this man. He was around 50 years old and Scottish but had spend several years enjoying the sun here in Spain, a few months skiing in Canada and a few other years getting lost in australian territory, where he is currently living..."for now" he said.

During our short ride I asked him, what made him move around so much?

He first told me about his passion, then he told me about himself.

His passion was bartitsu, a martial art. It teaches you about the balance of the body and the importance of breathing. It's mostly about self control, knowing your body. He said anywhere in the world he found people that did this. That he had a family everywhere thanks to this art.

Then, he told me his story. His parents loved to travel, so he ended up leaving Scotland and coming to my land for a few years. In his summers he would drive all around the coast of Spain. I'm pretty sure he knows more cities than me by now. Then, his family moved to Australia, where he found his passion. They started out in Sidney, then Queensland. Finally, he alone went to visit some friends to Melbourne, where he planed to stay for a few days and ended up staying for what is now 12 years.

The way he talked about his life. He was happy and free. He had no attachments or plans. He just enjoyed the ride.

I envy that way of living. Most of us will never live like that. We are scared of leaving everything behind and of not knowing what is to come. Most people are scared of enjoying the ride without knowing where it takes you.

I recently read a book by James Montier called "Financial Psychology: how not to be your worst enemy", where he mentions something Howard Marks, of Oaktree Capital, said. A quote that has called my attention, and eventhough, in this book, it was meant for investing I think it applies to other things in life, too. He said: "the key to look into the future is knowing where you are, not necessarily knowing where you are going".

Interesting way of thinking, right? But so true in my opinion. We don't need to know where we are going. Just where we are. Call it however you want: fate, destiny, life... Either way, if we let it, the world has its funny way of driving us to the lives we are supposed to live.

It's like sailing. You don't need to know where to go, only your coordinates. Nothing else is important.

Have a good trip wherever you go! And happy summer!