31 dic. 2012

12 uvas

Everything is ready! I have my 12 grapes and the table is set for tonight's family diner. Only a few more hours to finish 2012 ans start 2013. I can't wait to start a new year of adventures. Start to think about your 12 wishes. Start to write down your new year's resolutions! 2013 is going to be awesome!! 
Happy...almost...NEW YEAR!!

¡Todo está listo! Ya tengo mis uvas contadas y la mesa está lista y preparada para la cenita familiar. Ya sólo quedan unas horitas para terminar el 2012 y empezar el 2013. Que ganas de empezar de nuevo. Empezad a pensar vuestros 12 deseos para el 2013. Haced la lista de propósitos a cumplir que el 2013 promete!!!
Casi casi...¡FELIZ AÑO 2013!

2012 in photos

2012 has seen many great things happen in our world and others not so good. Lets take a look to what has happened thru out the year:

On the night of the 13th of January, the cruise Costa Concordia hit a reef off the Italian coast and running aground at Isola del Giglio, in Tuscany. 4,252 people were evacuated and more than 30 died or went missing.

Singer Whitney Houston was found dead in suite 434 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel for what looked like a drug use.

Putin Wins Presidential Election in Russia, claiming 64% of the vote

Uncertain Cease-Fire Begins in Syria

Socialist leader François Hollande wins the elections in France with more than a 50% of the votes. 

Queen Elizabeth II's 60th anniversary of her accession to the throne. ¡CONGRATS YOUR MAJESTY!

UEFA Euro 2012:  It was hosted by Poland and Ukraine for the first time and the winner was Spain!!! We beat Italy 4-0!! OH YEAH!


London was the home of the 2012 Olympic Games. American swimmer, Michael Phelps, became the most decorated Olympian of all time winning only this year 4 gold and 2 silver medals...a total of 22 medals. ¡WAY TO GO CHAMP!

Syrian Civil war. Obama signed a secret order with the CIA to allow them to provide help to syrian rebels to overthrow the al-Assad regime.

Apple Inc. wins the against Samsung over their patent issues and Apple's stock goes up. Apple becomes the most valuable company in the world.

Apple launches the iPhone 5 and soon after the iPad Mini. In one day, over 2 million people booked their iPhone online. Despite the critics and the competition, iPhone 5 broke world records.

On October 14th, Felix Baumgartner set the world record for skydiving an estimated 39 kilometres, reaching an estimated speed of 1,342 kilometres per hour (834 mph). He became the first person to break the sound barrier without vehicular power on his descent. ¡AWESOME!

Superstorm Sandy destroys homes and sets off alarms in the east coast of the US. 

Huracan Sandy En Vivo

Windows released its latest version: Windows 8, designed to compete against Android and iOS. Windows 8 was a huge and risky change for conservative and classic Windows. They modified the classic Windows appearance and included many new features. 

File:Windows 8 Start Screen.png

The European Union was awarded by a unanimous decision of the Norwegian Nobel Committee with the Nobel Peace Prize for having contributed "for over six decades to the advancement of peace and reconciliation, democracy and human rights in Europe".

 Obama Re Elected

Palestine becomes an Observer State in the UN. Despite the US and Israel's opposition, the United Nations General Assembly upgraded Palestinian Authorities' status. Palestine has gone from "non-member observer entity" to "non-member observer state".

Artist and clown Emilio Aragón, artistically known as Miliki dies on Novermber 18th (on my birthday) leaving behind an amazing legacy of happiness. The artist marked the childhood of many generations, mine included, and we will always remember! Like he used to say: ¿¡COMO ESTÁN USTEDES!?

Hugo Chavez sick again! After winning the elections for the third time, Venezuelan President, Hugo Chavez announced that his cancer has come back. 

Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer dies on december 5th after a lifetime of incredible architecture. He is considered one of the most important architects of his time not to mention one of the key figures of modern architecture.

Economic crisis specially in the EuroZone where Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Spain and Italy have been specially damaged. Protests in Spain, Greece and many other countries against all the reforms and policies. Lets hope 2013 gets a little easier for everyone.


30 dic. 2012

Music and movies 2012

And now, a review of the movies and music of the year:

MOVIES: These 10 movies are, in my opinion, the best movies of this year

WRECK IT RALPH: Disney's latest comedy. I haven't watched it yet but I assure you I will very soon. These movies are always the best!

THE HOBBIT: Another adaptation of a book. The Hobbit is for sure one of these year's best movies.

LES MISERABLES: Victor Hugo's book finally adapted! and the cast, crew, music and decoration is absolutely amazing!

LIFE OF PI: A young man who survives a disaster at sea is hurtled into an epic journey of adventure and discovery. I haven't seen it yet, but my sister fell in love with this movie. She said that it was a bomb of explosions.

THE AVENGERS: How many times can we see several superheros join forces to battle evil? The Avengers was a different and awesome movie.

THE HUNGER GAMES: I have actually read all 3 books of the Hunger Games and I have to admit that it's the first time I like how they have adapted a book into a movie. Jennifer Lawrence plays Katnis and a few other legendary actors are in the movie to. Definitely a MUST SEE in 2012.

SKYFALL: James Bond just turned 50! And to celebrate, the newest version of 007 has been released this year. Daniel Craig plays the hot English agent again and Spanish actor Javier Bardem is this year's villain.

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES: the end of Christopher Nolan's Batman saga. Loved everything about this movie. I couldn't stop watching for a minute. The music, the actors, the special effects...amazing! The best part? The ending! It's one of the first superhero movies I watch where the viewer knows what happened to the superhero and has no further questions. BRAVO!

TED: in my opinion, BEST COMEDY OF THE YEAR, Seth MacFarlane is a genius...it doesn't matter how dirty his works are, he always manages to make us laugh out loud! It starts Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis and they are awesome together.

THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN: the new version of Spiderman has a hit. Andrew Garfield played a veeery good and hot Peter Parker.

MUSIC: here are the hottest songs of 2012

Somebody That I Used To Know:

Call me maybe:

We are young (feat Janelle Monae):

Stronger (what doesn't kill you...):

We found love (ft Calvin Harris):


Wild ones:

Sexy and I know it:


Beauty and the Beat:

Gangham Style:

29 dic. 2012

Projecto 19 Caracteres

The Portuguese branch of the International advertising agency TBWA has created a very special new project. The main objective of this campaign is to inspire people with a maximum of 19 letters that they later hang on the windows of their offices in Lisbon. They call it the "urban twitter" and what they want is as simple as wanting to make everyone's day a little better. In these terrible times we have to try and make the best of everyday and every situation and TBWA has achieved that with only 19 simple letters. The message is fun, positive, simple and very creative. I love it! I love seeing these kinds of campaigns in times like these, because it's when we most need to hear, or read, messages like these and TBWA does it in such a wonderful way that you can't help smiling when you see it. Well done TBWA Lisbon!! We needed that!

Thru their facebook page you can give them new ideas for new phrases or words. The only they ask for  is a positive message in a maximum of 19 letters.

La sede portuguesa de la agencia internacional de publicidad TBWA ha creado un proyecto nuevo. El objetivo principal de la campaña es inspirar a la gente con un mensaje de un máximo de 19 caracteres que luego ponen en las ventanas de sus oficinas en Lisboa. Lo llaman el "twitter urbano" y lo que quieren es tan simple como alegrar el día a la gente. En estos tiempos de crisis hay que intentar sacar lo mejor de cada día y de cada situación y TBWA lo consigue cada día con solo en 19 caracteres. Un mensaje alegre, positivo, simple y muy creativo. ¡Me encanta! Me encanta este tipo de campañas, sobretodo en los malos momentos, porque todos necesitamos oir mensajes asi cada dia y TBWA lo ha conseguido de una forma super bonita. ¡Bravo TBWA! y gracias, ¡porque lo necesitabamos!

A través de su pagina de facebook podeis proponerles nuevas frases o palabras para colgar. Lo único que piden es que sean mensajes positivos y alegres con un máximo de 19 caracteres. 


Some have even used it to ask their girl to marry them! 

¡Algunos hasta lo han usado para pedir matrimonio!


And she said..! :

¡Y ella dijo..! :


Happy weekend!

¡Feliz fin de semana!


23 dic. 2012

Stay cozy

Hello winter!! Winter has begun...which means snow, cold, hot chocolate and more snow!! So to prepare for the cold season, I made a simple list of this to do to keep cozy:

  • First, put on your PJ's...or don't take them off!
  • Make some hot chocolate and maybe add some marshmallows
  • Light up the chimney
  • and put on your favorite movie! 

Stay cozy! Happy Sunday!

¡Hola invierno! Por fin ha llegado el invierno...lo que quiere decir que llega la nieve, el frio, los chocolates calientes con churros y mucho mas nieve!! Asique para prepararse para el frio he preparado una simple lista de cositas que podemos hacer para entrar en calor:

  • Primero, ponte el pijama...o no te lo quites!!
  • Preparate un chocolate caliente, un nesquik o un colacao y metele nubecitas
  • Enciende la chimenea
  • y ponte tu peli favorita!
Feliz domingo!

21 dic. 2012

Happy end of the world

The day has finally arrived. It is December 21st of 2012. In Madrid, it's 8 pm in the afternoon and we are still alive. Is it a miracle? or did the Mayans lie? Maybe what they predicted was right...they said that it was the end of a new phase, the end of their calendar...not the end of the world. Maybe what they were trying to tell us was to look at this day as the end of a cycle and the beginning of something new. In Spain, we have a say "Año nuevo, vida nueva" which means that every new year you get a new opportunity to start over. I think the Mayans were trying to tell us just that. I think they were asking us or maybe warning us to take time to ourselves, to stop and think about our lives so we can make things right and maybe even change the world we live in. 

Today is the end of the 13th Baktun of the Mayans. Today is the end of a new phase in our lives. Today we can start all over again. Today we can start changing the world.

Por fin ha llegado el día. Hoy es el 21 de diciembre de 2012. En Madrid son las 8 de la tarde, y parece que seguimos vivos. ¿Es un milagro? ¿o nos mintieron los mayas? Puede que lo que predijeron esta bien... después de todo, lo que dijeron es que hoy terminaba una fase, que terminaba un calendario...pero no que terminaba el mundo. Puede que lo que nos intentaban decir es que mirásemos al día de hoy como el final de un ciclo y el principio de algo nuevo. En España decimos siempre "Año nuevo, vida nueva", es decir, con cada año nuevo tenemos la oportunidad de empezar de cero. Creo que lo que los mayas nos querían decir es simplemente eso. Creo que nos estaban pidiendo o avisando de que hoy debemos parar y, como dice una buena amiga mia, pasar un tiempo con nosotros mismos para pensar y replantearse cosas de nuestra vida, para que podamos arreglar las cosas que se han torcido y así, quizás, podamos cambiar poco a poco el mundo en el que vivimos. 

Hoy es el fin del 13er Baktún de los mayas. Hoy es el fin de un ciclo de nuestras vidas. Hoy podemos empezar de cero. Hoy podemos empezar a cambiar el mundo. 

18 dic. 2012

YouTube Rewind 2012

Before 2012 is over, why don't you go back to see the best videos, the funniest, the most seen...the best of the best of YouTube for 2012. You have all kinds of videos: President Obama's reelection, the popular Gangham Style music video, the 2012 London Olympic games, the funniest and craziest videos of the year...a whole year of incredible events put into videos!! 

Check it out!

Antes de que acabe el 2012, porque no ver un par de los mejores vídeos, de los mas vistos, de los mas divertidos...lo mejor de lo mejor de YouTube del 2012. Hay todo tipo de vídeos  la reelección de Obama, el vídeo de Gangham Style, las olimpiadas de Londres, los vídeos mas divertidos y populares del año...todo un año de increíbles eventos en vídeos!! 

Échale un vistazo!

17 dic. 2012


Only one week for the holidays!! And only one week til christmas!!
Happy Monday!

Una semana para que empiecen las vacaciones!! Y una semanita para navidad!!
Feliz lunes!!

15 dic. 2012

Xmas lights

'Tis the season to be jolly and it's time to start writing our letters to Santa! I'm sure I've mentioned before I LOVE LOVE LOVE XMAS! Everything about it is awesome. The colors, the spirit, the lights, the trees, the songs...eeeverything!!

I love spending hours thinking of what to buy my sisters and parents to surprise them. I love sitting by the chimney with hot chocolate and little marshmallows. And I absolutely love the Xmas decorations, music and lights. Seeing the cities light up and the buildings playing Xmas songs...I can't help it but to smile. 

Merry Christmas!

♥The moment I see that first string of Christmas lights plugged in I am suddenly five years old again watching my Daddy set up the Christmas tree <3

Xmas in madrid!


12 dic. 2012


This year, Freixenet, a Spanish cava (champagne), has created a very very beautiful Christmas commercial. Enjoy!!

PS: I'm afraid it's in Spanish...sorry for that!

Este año la campaña de navidad de Freixenet es bastante diferente a la de otros. Este año no tenemos a esas   increibles nadadoras. Este año tenemos a gente normal, gente genial y gente unica! Este año Freixenet nos ha  vuelto a impresionar con un anuncio muy bonito!

Feliz navidad!


Today is the 12th of the 12th month of the 12th year of the XXI century!! And even though some people relate this day to the end of the world or the devils' day or some crazy thing like that...the world is still here, and apparently it's intact!!


9 dic. 2012


It's mushroom season and I feel like cooking something delissssh!! I love truffles, the taste, color... even the weird shape inspires me...aaaand makes me hungry! These rare wild mushrooms are a diamond for the culinary world. They are rare to find and have a very special and delicious flavor. They are like magic beans, well hidden and hard to find because they hide deep under trees, but once you have them you discover a whole new world. Do you know what they are? TRUFFLES!!

8 dic. 2012


Today is one of those stay at home Saturdays. So, I stayed home...only not in my home! Today we are in Mon Petit Gâteau's kitchen cooking delicious macarons!!
Here is where the magic begins and the beautiful cupcakes and other delicacies are created. I feel like a kid in the North Pole with Santa and his helpers. Everything is just so cute and yummy!!
Let's just say that I'm not gonna be eating anything for the next few days!

4 dic. 2012


Pinterest has created a new space: "30 Days of Pinspiration". Really cool! Awesome pinners and great brands, like Anthropologie, share what INSPIRATION is for them. And since Christmas is around the corner many of the boards are Christmas themed. Really fun!! Who doesn't love Christmas...and Pinterest!

Check it out!


3 dic. 2012


Good morning sunshine!!

It's time to put on your coats, gloves, scarfs and hats and enjoy the cold with a nice hot chocolate! Christmas is around the corner and it's time to start thinking about others! So this month leave your selfishness, your bad moods and your sad faces at home and get outside, enjoy the Christmas lights and start doing something nice for someone...otherwise, Santa won't get you any presents!

Happy Monday! and happy last month of the year!!

28 nov. 2012


Until my inspiration is back I thought I could try something new. Here is a piece of poetry by Pheobe Cary. It's called: SUPPOSE.

Suppose, my little lady,
Your doll should break her head,
Could you make it whole by crying
Till your eyes and nose are red?
And would n't it be pleasanter
To treat is as a joke;
And say you're glad "'Twas Dolly's
And not your head that broke?"

Suppose you're dressed for walking,
And the rain comes pouring down,
Will it clear off any sooner
Because you scold and frown?
And wouldn't it be nicer
For you to smile than pout,
And so make sunshine in the house
When there is none without?

Suppose your task, my little man,
Is very hard to get,
Will it make it easier
For you to sit and fret?
And wouldn't it be wiser
Than waiting like a dunce,
To go to work in earnest,
And learn the thing at once?

Suppose that some boys had a horse,
And some a coach and pair,
Will it tire you less by walking
To say, "It is n't fair?"
And would n't it be nobler
To keep your temper sweet,
And in your heart be thankful
You can walk upon your feet?

And suppose the world don't please you,
Nor the way some people do,
Do you think the whole creation
Will be altered just for you?
And is n't it, my boy or girl,
The wisest, bravest plan,
Whatever comes, or does n't come,
To do the best you can?

27 nov. 2012

writer's block

Every once in a while, us writers of the world cannot bring ourselves to write anything good...or anything at all. It feels as if inspiration had flown away. It's a terrible and irritating feeling...you look and look at the paper and nothing comes out...

...but don't worry, I will get it back soon!!

18 nov. 2012

Happy Birthday to me!

Life is a bitch! It bites, it hurts and it makes sure you keep falling down. But we are strong and we can always fight back. 

But every once in a while it's true that we cannot do it on our own. Sometimes we have to ask for help, other times, we get that help without even asking and in the weirdest but greatest way. 

Today is my 22nd birthday, soon I'm gonna have to stop saying my age...I'm growing up...! And last night my incredible sisters organized me, with the help of my best friends, a surprise party for my special day. Last night they rocked my world and gave me more than a party. Last night they gave me hope and reminded me that life is short and that I have to live the day and forget the bad. And for that I will be for ever grateful to my sisters and to my friends. 

Although, I'm not so thankful for the hungover I have this morning, thank you to all of you for being there! Thank you for the amazing party and birthday wishes!

Happy 22nd birthday to me!!

Thanks to Mon Petit Gateau for the bday present!

17 nov. 2012

Queen of the world

The best presents in life come from the smallest things in our lives. Never depreciate anything or anyone in your life. Never let go of the things you love because the great things only come once in a lifetime.

Happy weekend!

7 nov. 2012

Break your rules

This year, because it will be my last year as a student (or so I hope), I have decided to make a new life decision: I MAKE MY OWN RULES, I AM THE BOSS OF ME! 

For the rest of the year...and by that, I mean, the school year, I will write my own history. I promise to live life and just enjoy the ride. After I enjoy this year, I will go back to being a responsible person...or maybe not!

The same goes for all of you, take some time for yourselves and do whatever makes you happy. Life is very short. Stop doing what you are supposed to and start discovering what you love. 

30 oct. 2012

Mon Petit Gâteau

Good morning!

Last week we got some really good news. My big sister is the newest employee at Louis Vuitton which I think is something to celebrate. So, I contacted a friend of mine, an artist, baker and entrepreneur and asked her for a little gift for my sister. Her business is called mon petit gâteau and she is incredibly talented. I am not much for sweets, but these are mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm-licious!! Check out what she did for my sister:

Check out her website for more amazing cupcakes and more! http://mon-petit-gateau.tumblr.com/

Happy tuesday!