31 jul. 2012


After 5 months of hard work and "long" hours of study, I am finally on vacation! and in the words of Barney Stinson: 

This summer is going to be "Legen - wait for it -DARY!!" 

I wish you all an amazing summer! Dare to do what you never do the rest of the year, visit new places, meet different people, live a romance and create new adventures to remember forever!! Live life the good way! Live life the Mediterranean way! 

                                    Enjoy your summer!! 
                                            I know I will!!

26 jul. 2012

grandparents day

Today's post will be about my grandparents. Those people that take care of me when mom and dad aren't around. They give me ice cream whenever mom says no. They buy me presents just because they want to for no reason at all. They let you stay up all night watching TV with them. They are awesome! 

To my wonderful grandparents because they are always there when we need them, taking care of us.
I love you!!

25 jul. 2012

the contrexpérience

Live a healthy life with Contrex water! This summer pick up your bike and go for a ride! You never know what you might find...


24 jul. 2012

the ex lover App

Wanna protect your friends from their evil exboyfriends/girlfriends? Guaraná Antartica has the answer!! With this easy to use App you can protect your friends from calling their ex in those lonely horrible nights. 

Check it out!

15 jul. 2012

playing dress up

Looks like Jean Paul Gautier has gotten his eye on a new super model. Her name: Coca Cola. It is not the first time we see those curvy lines dressing up for some amazing designer. In the past, Coca Cola has joined forces with other designers like: Missoni, Versace, Karl Lagerfeld and many more. Here are some of the limited edition Coca Cola bottles we have seen so far:


Jean Paul Gautier

Donatella Versace


Alberta Ferretti

Manolo Blahnik

Karl Lagerfeld 




Coca-Cola's Tribute to Fashion Charity Project

What will we see next? 

5 jul. 2012

coronita beach bar

The famous mexican beer brand, Coronita, has launch a new campaign for this summer that sounds incredibly awesome.

Coronita is looking for someone willing to leave everything behind for 3 months this summer and go to Ibiza to run their own beach bar. You can also win trips to the best beach bars in places like Croatia, Mexico or Greece.

This is my first summer working so leaving everything behind to spend 3 months in Ibiza's beaches tanning and partyings sounds toooo good!! What do you think? Wanna spend 3 months in the beach enjoying life?

Check out their promo videos: