28 sept. 2012

See you around

Today has been my last day of work and now it's time to go back to studying. After six months as a trainee I'm off to live my last year of school as if there was no life afterwards. But before closing this episode of my life I need to say a few last words. 

I will miss this place and its people. I will miss my awesome boss who has taught me many things about everything and who I respect immensely for teaching me so much. I will miss going to breakfast with my team. I won't miss waking up early or dressing up eeeeevery day. But overall I will miss everything and everyone. 

Thank you to my team and friends for making these months so great and see you soon because, first of all, I hate goodbyes and, second, I am sure I will be seeing you again somewhere around the world. 

See you around!

23 sept. 2012

Rainy sunday

Hooray!! The first Sunday of the fall, the first rainy day of the season! Time to get my cozy blanket, make popcorn and watch a good movie...today's movie? Agatha Christie's Murder on the Orient Express!! 

I love rainy Sundays! Happy Sunday!

22 sept. 2012

Like a tv show

I don't if I have ever told you my weird perspective of life. For me, life is a collection of experiences, a bundle of moments, it's kind of like a TV show. It has its great moments, its amazing movie kisses and also the terrible drama. There are many characters that come and go. These people you cross paths with teach you something about yourself and about life. 

Like a TV show, our life also has seasons. In my life, the new season starts with the beginning of the fall. The 1st of January is just the beginning of a calendar, but the beginning of my calendar starts when the clock hits 00:00 on the 22th of September. 

After an amazing summer of charging up the batteries we go back to real life. We reunite with friends and family. We start a new year of classes, new professors, new people. We return to those we love and cherish. 

This fall will be my 22th season and something tells me that this new season of my life is going to be awesome! I can't wait for it to begin!!

Happy season!

19 sept. 2012

Welcome back

After a few days or weeks of relax in some beautiful paradise of the world, we go back to our old lives. We return with that wonderful tan and with many great stories to tell.  

When I was little my mother would tell us every year, when we left the beach, to look at the sea and sky and the horizon that joins them together. She would tell us to take a mental picture and hold on tight to it for the rest of the year, so the bad moments didn't seem so bad and so that we remembered that in a year we would be back.

So before you start the new season, remember to take a picture of your summer happiness and hang it somewhere close!

Welcome back everyone! 

9 sept. 2012

A year ago

A year ago I left my country to live in my neighbor's land. I left everything and everyone behind and opened new doors for the adventure and a new way of life.

At first, it was difficult to understand the language and move around. Where do I go grocery shopping? Where can I rent a bike? Where is the bank? How do I get a bank account? I have to get an insurance?! Are you my teacher? Do you speak english?...and like that a thousand more questions.

Of course, it wasn't all peace and love. There were some tough moments but the great thing was the people I met there who helped me thru those rough days, who held my hand when I needed a good cry and who took me home when I had a little too much to drink...

Every once in a while we need a little adventure far away from home to remind us who we are and to show us that no matter where we are we can do anything!

Last year, I was the one to leave, and these year it's my turn to see others off to their wild wild quest. For those of you beginning your adventure, here are a few words from someone who is an experienced adventurer:
  • Enjoy every day, because, even though some days it doesn't feel like it, time flies!
  • Be open to new experiences
  • Do something you would never do at home
  • Get out of your comfort zone and burst out of your bubble
  • Travel anywhere anytime, love the places you go to and the people you meet, gamble all your month's allowance, drink everything you find except Poliakov vodka...for your own good, make loooots of friends, take tons of pictures, practice languages...or create one, learn to cook some delicatessen (or at least learn to make sandwiches or microwave pizzas)...

In conclusion:

Have a great and very special year!