24 oct. 2013

Keep Calm and Relax

I have my first exam today, and let me tell you something, going back to late nights and memorizing has been a little rough... So before you wish me good luck I thought I could give you guys some words of advice. If, like I have, you are planning on going back to study anytime soon, there are a few things you should remember. First, keep calm and organize yourself. Second, have your coffee / energy drink close by. Third, make sure you study with good company, they will help you as much as you will help them...plus, there is nothing like teamwork.

So, good luck to my colleagues and myself!! and for the rest of you...happy "juernes"!

Hoy tengo mi primer examen, y os diré una cosa, volver a las largas noches y a memorizar ha sido un poco difícil... Así que antes de que me deseéis buena suerte, pensé que podía daros un consejito. Si, como yo, habéis decidido volver a estudiar aquí tenéis unas palabras sabias. Primero, respira hondo, tranquilízate y organízate. Segundo, ten el café y la bebida energética muy cerquita. Tercero, asegúrate de estar estudiando en buena compañía, ellos te ayudarán tanto como tu a ellos...además, como he aprendido, no hay nada como el trabajo en equipo!

Así que, suerte para mis compañeros y para mi!! y para el resto...feliz juernes!

20 oct. 2013

Retiro time

When I started my masters one of my teachers said to me, from time to time you have to stop and look around. Stop and see what is around you, what you are living and what is to come.
Today I have done just that. I have stopped and looked around to think and breath...there is nowhere better to that than in Madrid's Retiro! 

Take a day off! Happy Sunday!

Cuando empece el máster uno de los profesores nos dijo, de vez en cuando tenéis que parar y mirar a vuestro alrededor. Parar y daros cuenta de lo que habéis vivido, lo que estáis viviendo y lo que os queda por vivir. 

Hoy he hecho eso. He parado para mirar, pensar y respirar...que mejor que venirse al retiro para hacer eso!

Tómate el día libre! Feliz domingo!

14 oct. 2013

12 oct. 2013

Coffee, coffee and more coffee

RING RING RING!! The alarm clock goes off...my worst enemy! It's 8am, which means time to start the race. I have exactly one hour to get to class. I shower, get dressed, get my things and leave in a rush while I am practically washing my teeth and brushing my hair. I stop by Starbucks or DoEat for my morning coffee...the first one of the day. I wonder how many I will have today... Then comes the classes, one class, two and three. By 3 pm I am done with classes for the day, but now I have a conference in an hour, 3 projects for this week and 5 readings for tomorrow. It sounds hectic and, let me tell you, it is! IT IS CRAZY!! It is ridiculously crazy but incredibly fun. 

I have come to think that the success of a masters comes from the craziness it brings to its students. It is not a matter of studying, memorizing, doing exams...it's a matter of managing your time! Projects, conferences, master cups, presentations...all in one day! And you still need to have time to eat something! Thank God for the toooonns of vending machines at IE. 

I have 49 other people in my class who I spend the entire day with, laughing, studying, drinking... anything goes!! 50 students from all around the globe spend every day together at IE studying and almost every night together around town. 

It has been a month at IE, and even though it has been non-stop and stressful as hell, it has also been one of the best month in my life!! As the say at IE...it's my time to "go beyond"! 

Opening Ceremony at Segovia, September 12th 2013