30 oct. 2012

Mon Petit Gâteau

Good morning!

Last week we got some really good news. My big sister is the newest employee at Louis Vuitton which I think is something to celebrate. So, I contacted a friend of mine, an artist, baker and entrepreneur and asked her for a little gift for my sister. Her business is called mon petit gâteau and she is incredibly talented. I am not much for sweets, but these are mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm-licious!! Check out what she did for my sister:

Check out her website for more amazing cupcakes and more! http://mon-petit-gateau.tumblr.com/

Happy tuesday!

22 oct. 2012

Happy Monday!

It's time to wake up, take a loooong and hot shower and put on a cute outfit!! Learn and live something new this week! and remember we are only 4 days away from Friday again!  

Happy Monday everyone! 

Monday monday

12 oct. 2012

Columbus Day

In 1492, Christopher Columbus went on one of those adventures that I always talk about. One of those magical quest where you find something wonderful. No one believed he could do it. No one thought he or his men would survive. But he followed his gut and went on an adventure that changed the world. So, on the 12th of October of 1492 they found a treasure and today we celebrate the discovery of that huge island that is the Americas and the union of the Old World with the New.