10 nov. 2011

the angers lifestyle

I have now spent my two months and almost a half in Angers. When I first embarked in this adventure, I must admit, I was pretty scared.

I do not think I was scared for going to a different country, after all, our generation spends more time in a plane jumping from country to country than home; yet, I think my fear came from leaving my home.
Leaving your nest is never an easy task. We might fake to be strong but in our darkest moments HOME is the only place you want to be in, sometimes.

In my case, I was scared of missing out on so many experiences and, specially, of leaving those who make home feel like such, but luckily for me, I have been able to find another kind of family, here in Angers. A family that has made these past two months amazing. I live day and night with these people, with whom I share everything, from long drunk funny nights and dirty little secrets to library hours and class presentations. I have gone to the north and will go to the east (we will even cross the frontier). I will even celebrate one of my precious birthdays with them.

Together, this unconventional family unit is discovering a little of France, a little of the world and its people and a little bit more about themselves. We are all learning to cook, not just a simple easy-oven pizza but elaborated "mom-style" food. We are learning different languages: English, Spanish or, even, Swedish...and, of course, a liiiiitle French. We are learning to grocery shop and to manage our monthly savings. We are growing up!

I only have around one more month left and I am sure it will go by as fast as these two months have gone by and the experiences learned, the trips, the languages, the recepies learned and, specially, the people met will never be forgotten.

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