13 nov. 2011

old memories from Paris

I spent one month this past summer walking around the streets of the most romantic and bohemian city in the world. I want to show you all some of my most inspiring pictures. They are not amazing, but they mean so much to me. I had a beautiful blog for it, showing the most amazing things of my month in the city of art, but I lost it...too bad! I really loved it. But, since I can't find what I had in my old one, I am trying to give my new blog a new vive that shows me in my most natural side.
After all, a blog is just that: it is the way of talking about oneself without fear and with total freedom. In it, you are your own voice, boss and editor all in one. It's the beauty of this art. I get to write about the things I love the most, those things I feel passionate about. I still have to learn a lot about myself and the world that surrounds me, but I'm in no rush, I eager to learn and discover all the little things our world was to show.


A little nap sitting in the green chairs and a walk in the Park of Luxemburg heals all problems...
on sundays, there is nothing like going to the market, buying some delicious food, maybe steak tartare and macaroons and going for a picnic to my favourite spot
 I love sitting at the Pont des Arts, otherwise known as the couple's bridge, and seeing the sun hide and the Eiffel Tower (in front of us) and Notre Dame (behind us) light up
 Every night, the first 5 minutes of every hour, the Eiffel Tower blinks, you can feel
goosebumps every time it happens
 after a little tourism at the Louvre, nothing like a croissant from Paul and a little fashion lesson from GLAMOUR in the Tuileries Gardens
 a quick stop at SEPHORA is always fun...who doesn't love trying all their make-up?
the secret spot in the Louis Vuitton store in Champs-Elysées, with beautiful books all around

These are just some of the things I love about the "City of Love". Hope you enjoy it! Bisous!

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