27 ene. 2012

dream big

Dreams. We grow on them. We build our hearts with them. They fulfill our souls and minds and give us hope in the worst of moments and brighten our happy ones.

I just received a letter from a dear old friend of mine. Oh, letters! Those romantic things our grandparents used to send to one another. Anyways, today, when I receive it, and you can imagine it’s not too often I receive one; I suddenly got a little bit of inspiration and happiness. I haven’t seen my friend since this summer but I obviously keep in touch with her, after all, even if we have letters, we also have Skype, WhatsApp and others…but this letter has given me so much more than any type of technology can ever give me. After a not-so-good day, with tons of studying and crazy thoughts in mind, when I started reading this letter I was immediately moved by her words.

Let me tell you her story:

My friend left her home in search for an adventure. When you leave your whole life at 20, no matter where you go, you start a new and incredible chapter in your life. I confess sometimes I think she has gone completely crazy, but most times, I think she is one of the bravest people I know, for being able to leave everything behind and go into the unknown, leaving almost everything to fate.

I cannot describe what I feel right now. Usually, I can write my feelings, but this letter said more than I could write here; simply because it was written from her heart, with such joy. Thanks to her words, I feel a sense of adventure, a need to change something, to do something exciting and unique that will shape my life and create an amazing memory to tell my grandchildren one day. I don’t know what my little or grand quest will be, but I’m intrigued of what it might be.

Thank you, RochiBelt, for giving me this sense of adventure once again, for pushing me to do something passionate and exciting.

I wish you the best in your quest and hope you find something magical in every place you set your foot on, 
and remember that we will always be here waiting for you!