9 abr. 2012

old is new, new is old

I haven't been writing for a while... Truth be told, I have been very busy and a little bit out of inspiration lately. If only, writing were like dancing. You hear a melody, you feel the song and you let go! But it is not quite like that. In fact, I am a very traditional writer, I feel I need to use paper and a pencil to write best. For some reason, even with all of today's technology, I still need to use those "old" gadgets to run my life.

Our grandparents could not have even dreamed of being able to take a phone out of the house and without using any cables, nevertheless, a phone with wifi, 3G, camera, music...  What will our future telephones be like?

I love technology, I love the new stuff and shiny iPads, but sometimes so much technology feels...so public, so cold, so fast...something about the old ways inspires me. It feels like I'm stopping time for just enough time to be me. I guess, in some way, that is why I love all things vintage. They have this sort of magic to them, they tell a story of their own.

Old is new, new is old

When I was in Paris, my favorite hobby was to visit vintage stores. Not just because of the beautiful things we can find, but also, because I love picturing the person who owned each item. I loved walking around Les Puces market seeing those antiques. Where does it come from? Who owned it? Why are they selling it? It's almost like when you are at the airport, looking at the people who walk by, and you make a story about them, you imagine where they are going, who are they meeting and why.

When I lived in Washington DC, I used to go to a Estate Sale every now and then. It is so interesting to see how a person lives and what objects can make up his/her life and home. What makes that person different from me? Beautiful paintings, old rugs, those hundreds of books, family picture frames...

Like you might know about me, just by reading my blog, is that I like to get my very few readers thinking just enough to feel something new inside their minds. I like to go beyond what I see and feel. I love seeing the world in different colors, with different eyes, simply because, sometimes, real life feels boring. I like to see life like one of those National Geographic pictures of the world. I am nothing but philosophical, and today I feel like making you think like I do more than ever. So this brings me to my special questions for the day:

What objects make up your life?
What thing makes you, you?
What will be your vintage object?

I'm personally not sure yet about how to answer these questions myself. But as soon as I find out, I will let you know.