18 nov. 2012

Happy Birthday to me!

Life is a bitch! It bites, it hurts and it makes sure you keep falling down. But we are strong and we can always fight back. 

But every once in a while it's true that we cannot do it on our own. Sometimes we have to ask for help, other times, we get that help without even asking and in the weirdest but greatest way. 

Today is my 22nd birthday, soon I'm gonna have to stop saying my age...I'm growing up...! And last night my incredible sisters organized me, with the help of my best friends, a surprise party for my special day. Last night they rocked my world and gave me more than a party. Last night they gave me hope and reminded me that life is short and that I have to live the day and forget the bad. And for that I will be for ever grateful to my sisters and to my friends. 

Although, I'm not so thankful for the hungover I have this morning, thank you to all of you for being there! Thank you for the amazing party and birthday wishes!

Happy 22nd birthday to me!!

Thanks to Mon Petit Gateau for the bday present!