4 dic. 2011

naughty or nice

Last night, 3rd of December of 2011, the Christmas lights in the small city of Angers went on. There was music to celebrate the fantastic weeks that are about to start and in the main plaza, la Place du Ralliement, the Christmas market was put up.
This is definitely my favorite period of the year, because, so many cities and towns around the world dress up their buildings, houses and trees with lights of all kind and wonderful decorations to celebrate the holiday season. There is a magical feeling all around. Rockefeller Center in NYC is beautifully decorated. Cortilandia in Madrid displays figurines singing and dancing. Even the trees and stores of the Champs-Élysées of Paris feel the Christmas vive.
In my own home, each of the grandchildren has to cook a special meal for the Christmas Eve dinner and present it to the family as a Christmas gift. Parents later give out some smaaaall presents, since the real good ones are brought by Santa Claus, on Christmas night, and the Three Kings, on the 6th of January.
It’s at this time of the year when we go into a shop and everything we see seems to be made for someone we love. All those present we so eagerly wished for throughout the year are now written down into our Christmas list and maybe, but just maybe, we will get that thing we were hoping for…of maybe not…
…have you been good this year?

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