31 dic. 2011

new years resolutions

It's time to see what our next year's resolutions will be. What do we want to do this 2012? Let's see, in my 2011, I have spent my summer in Paris and continued my fall semester in Angers. I have traveled to Belgium, I have eaten escargots and tartar a thousand times, I have played paintball and gone skiing, I have even ice skated on top of the Eiffel Tower...wow!! 
This year has actually been pretty cool!! I have done so much more than I ever expected and I have enjoyed every moment of it. 
Since it's the last day of the year, I can't help it looking back at what has happened in my live and in the world this year. I can't help see what has changed about me and what I have learned along the way. 
If I had to describe this whole year in one word it would have to be: FRENCH, after all, I have spent almost six months in the land of Asterix. 
What will 2012 hold for me? Maybe my first actual job with "good" pay and hours? A super rich and cute prince just for me? Ooor maybe I'll become the next Steve jobs, maybe invent the next big thing...who knows!! There is one thing I DO know: 
It doesn't matter if you have a plan, life changes with every little moment and hopefully we can make a good change along the way. I can only say I hope this 2012 is as good (or better if possible) than this 2011. 
I invite you all to do a small ritual I do every year: tonight, right after the clock reaches 00:00h, I will go outside, like I do every year, I look at the sky and hope there is a starry night above me, letting me know that 2012 will be amazing!! 



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