10 dic. 2011

a simple goodbye...

I have not completely realized this is almost over. Angers, ESSCA, ERASMUS, La Maine…this whole period has been short yet incredibly meaningful for me and I am sure it has been very special for many of you, too. I have been able to learn so many new things, not only about “management” and “compatabilité” but also about life. A month or so I wrote about this day. How I still had some time, how I had met so many incredible people, how we all had grown together and alone into someone else. I still believe that. No matter where we come from, we have been able to unite so many different cultures into one.
It was not too long ago when we were still meeting each other and learning strange foreign names, and now, we have lunch and we get drunk with those same people with weird names from strange places. It will certainly feel weird going back home and not sharing a kitchen…not having to wash the dishes…or using my car to go grocery shopping or, actually, NOT having to go grocery shopping at all. I will also remember the Saturday market, where we buy the fresh fruit and scargots of the weekend. There are so many things I will miss.
If someone was to ask me what I liked most about my unique experience in this small town, I would have to say what I have learned. Sure the drunken nights in the Irish house and shopping dates at H&M were amazing, but what we have learned from everyone and everyday here is much more valuable, because we will remember them forever. Thank you to all of you, because you have made this period truly awesome. We have become a small and unique family, we have found amazing friends that will last forever and some have even found some love.
Today, we said goodbye to a very very special friend of ours. Seeing him leave in the train made me realize, this is really coming to an end. We have all finished exams, we only have one more Irish party left, and some of us will probably not need to go grocery shopping at Carrefour again…
Even though, I still have one more week in French territory, this will probably be my last blog from Angers. So, today, sitting in the wooden chair in my room, I wish you all a good trip back home and hope, one day, we can all meet up again in Angers and go to SOFT to drink the night off, remembering all the fantastic memories from these past few months.
A very very big hug to all of you,

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  1. Que bien escribes Roo,me encanta tu blog y me alegro un montón de que te lo hayas pasado tan bien en Angers, pero yo estoy muy feliz de que en una semanita vengas!!!!! jejejeje