22 sept. 2012

Like a tv show

I don't if I have ever told you my weird perspective of life. For me, life is a collection of experiences, a bundle of moments, it's kind of like a TV show. It has its great moments, its amazing movie kisses and also the terrible drama. There are many characters that come and go. These people you cross paths with teach you something about yourself and about life. 

Like a TV show, our life also has seasons. In my life, the new season starts with the beginning of the fall. The 1st of January is just the beginning of a calendar, but the beginning of my calendar starts when the clock hits 00:00 on the 22th of September. 

After an amazing summer of charging up the batteries we go back to real life. We reunite with friends and family. We start a new year of classes, new professors, new people. We return to those we love and cherish. 

This fall will be my 22th season and something tells me that this new season of my life is going to be awesome! I can't wait for it to begin!!

Happy season!