28 sept. 2012

See you around

Today has been my last day of work and now it's time to go back to studying. After six months as a trainee I'm off to live my last year of school as if there was no life afterwards. But before closing this episode of my life I need to say a few last words. 

I will miss this place and its people. I will miss my awesome boss who has taught me many things about everything and who I respect immensely for teaching me so much. I will miss going to breakfast with my team. I won't miss waking up early or dressing up eeeeevery day. But overall I will miss everything and everyone. 

Thank you to my team and friends for making these months so great and see you soon because, first of all, I hate goodbyes and, second, I am sure I will be seeing you again somewhere around the world. 

See you around!